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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Top 5 Adsense alternatives.

Hello, friend's you must all be bloggers(of course because you have got upto this). And, the major reason for crating a blog is just to earn money and don't waste money.

Now, we all know that Adsense is the King of the advertising Agencies. But, it's term and conditions are so hard that it is much harder to compete your blog for it. While, your blog gets approved. You may still work out for some money with other alternatives for Web advertising and to do that. You have my help at this blog.:

  1. Chitika
  2. Ymads ad network
  3. Adbrite advertising 
  4. Buy sell ads
  5.  Adonion advertising network.
These are some pretty good advertising networks you would not really like to miss until you gets approved for adsense and best of luck for it.   :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

New high quality keywords revealed for this month

Hello, all the bloggers i know that you have to enter the things in the blog which are to be read: So, here are the keywords you would  never forget. To be a successful blogger all you need to do is to post about the topic which is in fashion these days. And for that purpose you need to target the main keywords in the market. You have to be a very updated blogger to be different from others and even better than others. We hope you will agree and show these keywords in your posts. And for this purpose we are providing you with these already given keywords which will surely benefit you (No matter you have a wordpress blog or blogger blog):

  • For adsense related topics:
  1. Adsense CPM increasing tricks
  2. Adsense approval tricks
  3. Adsense CTR increasing tricks
  4. Why is there 'Ads by Adchoices' and not 'Ads by Google'.
  5. How to get your blog approved for adsense.
  • For gadgets related news:
  1. Newest releases in the technology world.
  2. Releases by Sony.
  3. When is the Next android version coming.
  • For blogging related topics:
  1. How to add a favicon to your blog?
  2. How to increase your blog's traffic/rating?
  3. How to earn money online thru your blog?
  • Others:
  1. How to hack a facebook account?
  2. How to hack a Gmail account?
  3. How to make a download link for your blog?

Thanks for reading friend's we are hoping to get a feedback for your problems.  Keep coming back to us and enjoy blogging.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

How to add your own favicon to your blog?

Hey friend's here are the simplest of tricks you would always like.
on example of the favicon is this:

Friday, July 1, 2011

Best ever adsense approval trick revealed!

Hello, all these bloggers. I know it takes a lot to be a good blogger. And to get it paid back you now just need to get money through advertising. You will really like to know these tricks. And if they don't work for you then just give us a feedback at our comment box. Here are your tricks, enjoy earning :

  1. Hey, firstly you must be having your website at some top level domain name. 
  2. Now just go to your blog and add some other pages to your site or add some other websites, now go to your blog settings and add permanently some domains to your blog( As you dont need to buy too much domains for this work,you would surely like to have some free domain names like .tk).
  3. Now just go to and register your blog.
  4. You will surely like that it is working for you and for everyone around you.
Follow these steps and enjoy blogging. Thanks for reading, Bets of luck.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Microsoft bought Skype!

Hey all the techies. Here's the exciting news you all must haven't heard of . The microsoft corp. has bought the very innovative video calling giant for about 8.5 Billion USD. Well it's not an exclusive news or something like that, you must have heard about it on the business news channels and everything else.

You must be glad to know that the Microsoft Corp. has been expanding it's wings in the IT sector by getting a lot of the Video calling giant company which was really famous between the teens and web users and has been a lot favorite about the techies in this sector. As you will see next to you that the company will be doing a lot in this sector.

Well, the bottom line is that Microsoft just expanded it's already larger span to a new extent.

Thanks for reading and keep coming back to

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